Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How fun

Looks like all of my grandchildren that live close by are spending the night here tonight.  Now - what for breakfast?!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Hip Hip Hooray!

The tests I took today confirmed benign cysts.  I am so relieved.  I almost burst into tears when they told me.  I was only there for an hour.

I now have most all of my Christmas books in one section of the basement.  Tomorrow it will be putting all of the fiction books in one area.  Then in the afternoon we are heading as a Utah Family to Thanksgiving Point to the Ancient History museum.  Should be a fun afternoon.

Now I need to focus on getting my knees done.  Life is good.  Carianne's surgery is on Wednesday.  Pray all goes well.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Miracles and other news

I don't think Carianne will care if I share her good news.  Her liver has not fat on it and is down to normal size!  Her only health problem is she needs her gall bladder out.  It is nothing but a miracle.

I have been sorting through a few things.  I have not felt really good today because I had to be fitted for a crown on the bottom left side of my mouth.  I have been numb all day (it is very close to the root).  I keep pulling putty out of my mouth but feeling a lot better than I usually feel after a visit.  Hopefully there will be no repercussions tomorrow.

I finally got most all of the DVD's sorted and alphabetized.  We will keep the TV up here for the time being.  I still do not do stairs with the greatest of ease.  Hopefully we will get the media room set up down stairs in the next year or two.  It has been a good day.

Monday, July 13, 2015

A little bit of news

About a month ago - I went to have my mammogram done.  There was a question and so my old records were ordered from Rhode Island.  It turns out I have another spot that they are concerned about.  I will go in next Monday and have new pictures taken with a sonogram, etc. with the radiologist that comes down once a week.  Please pray that it is just an anomaly and nothing serious.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Rain and very close lightening

We had severe thunderstorms late this morning and early  this afternoon.  The lightening was so close it would almost flash with the thunder!  Evie was here with Heather and she was sure glad to cuddle up with her mom and be safe.  Heather and I picked another gallon of peas and some carrots.  I sent them home with her.  We also ran to the Norbest outlet store and I got some ground turkey,  turkey pastrami and turkey steaks.  We also got some turkey jerky but it was a bit 'wet' - not dry like you expect jerky to be.  It was really good though.  Then we went to the Conoco station in Moroni to the little food place in the gas station and got Sanpete Barbecue sandwiches.  I wish we had only gotten 1 because that was more sandwich than Clyde and I could ever eat alone.  Clyde, Bella and Brandon went and helped my bonus mother, Doreen out with some baptisms at the temple.  It is sunny and beautiful now.  It has been a good day.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Another busy Thursday

I got up this morning and fixed breakfast, did a load of wash and worked on my Sunday School lesson.  At 10:00 I went out and  picked peas for an hour. I came in started shelling five quarts of peas (and that is not all of them).  Fixed lunch and Clyde came and helped me finish shelling the peas - it took another hour.  We got 2 quarts of  peas put away.  Now the carrots are coming on fast and furious.  I will be busy for quite a while now getting this food put away.  I think the lettuce and spinach are over for this year.  Sure was good while it lasted.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sunday School lesson

I have been preparing for my Sunday School lesson for Sunday.  The title is "To this end was I born."  There is a wonderful video from seminary in the 90's that is suggested to be shown but as I was looking through the lesson, I found this quote from some supplemental material.  It has really made me ponder - in the temple and as I have gone through my activities today.  I put it out there for you to think about.

Heber J. Grant:  "There is but one path to safety for the Latter-day Saints, and that is the path of duty.  It is not a testimony, it is not a marvelous manifestation, it is not knowing that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true, that it is a the plan of salvation, it is not knowing that the Savior is the Redeemer and that Joseph Smith was His prophet - that will save you and me;  but it is the keeping of the commandments of God, living the life of a Latter-day Saint."

I have had a smile or two over this.  For some reason, Pirates of Penzance music has been running through my head.  The theme of that play is 'duty first'.  I will try harder to keep the commandments and do my duty.